Lunch Line Up
$10/person (10 or more people)

We use only the best and freshest ingredients around,
including Boars’ Head meats and cheeses & hydroponic lettuces from Great Lakes Growers in Burton, OH

Wraps/sliders (choice of 2)
-Smoked turkey wrap or croissant
-Black forest ham wrap or croissant
-Veggie wrap
-Roasted chicken wrap
-Chicken Salad wrap or croissant
-Tuna salad wrap or croissant

Salad (Choice of 2)
-Fresh Fruit Salad* (seasonal)
-Ranch Pasta Salad
-Italian Pasta Salad
-Quinoa Color Salad*
-Spring Mix Salad*
Cucumber Tomato Salad*

Cookie/Bar( choice of 2)
-Chocolate chip cookies
-peanut butter cookies*
-Kahlua brownies
-Peanut butter bars*
-Triple berry bars*

Pickle, olive and veggie tray w/ dip & Kettle Potato Chips

*Also, avalaible as Gluten Free



Breakfast Bar

$10/person (10 or more people)

Quiche (choice of 2)
A savory egg and cheese pie
-Ham, Bacon & Cheddar
- Veggie
-Western omelet (sausage, ham, peppers & onions)

Muffins (choice of 2)
-Blueberry streusel
-Strawberry cream cheese
-Banana walnut
-Pumpkin spice
-Blueberry (Gluten Free)

Breakfast Bites (Choice of 2)
-Triple berry bar*
-Rice krispee bar*
-Peanut butter cereal bar*

Cinnamon Rolls OR Yogurt Bowl

Fresh Fruit Salad*

*Also, available as Gluten Free




Good Morning Sweets

Breakfast variety platters made fresh from scratch & customized to your event.

Small-25 people (34-40 pieces)- $50

Medium- 50 people (60-80 pieces)- $80

Large- 75 people (120+pieces) - $110

(choose 4-6 items for each tray)

-Blueberry streusel
- Strawberry cream cheese
-Banana walnut
-Lemon poppy seed
-Blueberry (Gluten Free)
-Pumpkin cream cheese

-Oatmeal maple pecan
-French toast

Cinnamon rolls
-Maple sweet roles

Coffee Cakes
-Cinnamon streusel
-Blueberry buckle
-Pecan sour cream

Breakfast Bars
-Triple berry bar*
-P.B cereal bar*

-Rice krispee bar*

-Carrot Cake
-Pumpkin Poppers

-Apple cinnamon


*Also, available as Gluten Free



**menu and prices subject to change: June 2016** Daily Specials and Pictures available on our Facebook