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Diane Schneider

My name is Diane Schneider and I have been a professional baker and cake decorator since 1990.

Although I have worked in the food industry most my life, it was when I was 25 years old that I decided to start up a business which allowed me to spend more time at home while raising a family.

The first glimpse of my future began when I was a very young girl fascinated with my olive green Easy Bake oven that baked everything with the heat of a small light bulb. I loved playing with food, experimenting with ingredients on my siblings and creating recipes. I admit I felt like a little food scientist, soon I was using my Mom’s big oven. I often pretended to run a small restaurant/ bakery from my Mom’s kitchen. My younger sisters and brothers were my employees. I come from a family of 10 so we had a lot of customers at our home.

Little did I know, I would eventually own a very large commercial oven, start a business, become a professional baker / cake decorator, design and create 2000 wedding cakes along with thousands of other cakes and cookies etc. And now in 2014 I opened a Bakery Cafe in Newbury, Ohio. With the help of many others we can now bake, create and serve so many others in our unique bakery.

I have been blessed abundantly with an amazing supportive husband, children, family and friends. I thank God everyday for giving me so much love and so much talent to share with others.

Thanks for Coming to DSCakesSweetCafe.com!

D.S. Cakes & Sweet Cafe has wonderful, healthy food choices and awesome baked goods, served by friendly staff and in a charming atmosphere. Thank you D.S. Cakes for sharing your talents with the community. – Mary M.

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