Specialty Cakes

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To order a specialty cake, please select your desired size under the type of cake you want. Leave everything else blank. 

Chocolate cake, chocolate fudge buttercream filling, chocolate fudge buttercream frosting & chocolate shavings
Dark chocolate cake, vanilla Italian meringue buttercream filling, Kahlua ganache & chocolate shavings
Chocolate layer cake, peanut butter buttercream & creamy chocolate buttercream
Vanilla almond cake, fresh strawberries, Bavarian custard, Italian meringue buttercream, real whipped cream & white chocolate shavings
Coconut cake, vanilla custard, coconut buttercream & toasted coconut trim
Red velvet buttermilk cake, cream cheese frosting
Butter pecan cake, maple buttercream frosting & caramelized pecans
Creamy buttermilk batter with carrots, coconut, pineapple, pecans, walnuts & cream cheese frosting
Rich chocolate cake with ribbon of cheesecake baked inside. Kahlua fudge ganache, chocolate covered cherries & whipped cream.
Classic vanilla cake, meringue buttercream, raspberry filling & white chocolate buttercream frosting
Rich, bittersweet chocolate cake, decorated with Kahlua ganache & fresh whipped cream
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